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The Community Land Trust Fund is a specialist fund to support the development of community-led affordable housing projects in England and Wales.

We support emerging and established Community Land Trusts (CLTs) to form and build permanently affordable housing to benefit their local communities. We believe that there are extraordinary benefits from putting citizens at the centre of housing development: CLTs offer a unique way to address housing need whilst also building sustainable, vibrant communities.

The CLT Fund was first launched as a pilot in 2008, to provide funding and expert support to fledgling CLTs from initial feasibility through to the construction of affordable homes. After a successful five years we remain committed to ensuring the CLT market continues to grow and as a result we are re-launching the Fund Spring 2014 for 5 more years of operation.

We provide funding and expert support to fledgling Community Land Trusts from initial feasibility – where communities are identifying a need and thinking about a solution – through to financing the pre-planning stage and the construction of affordable homes.

About the fund

The fund exists to support community groups that wish to tackle the issue of affordable housing themselves. The CLT Fund was set up to address the most common issues and obstacles they face.

The Fund offers different stages of grant and loan finance to reflect the different stages of establishing and developing a Community Land Trust project.

About the fund

Looking for funding?

Our funding is split into different tranches to match the different stages of development of CLTs, from initial feasibility through to construction.

Funding options & how to apply

Financial Appraisal Tool

This tool will help you to assess the viability of your affordable housing project. It can be used as a 'living' document and should be updated as your project develops.

Financial Appraisal Tool

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