Community Land Trust Fund

Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing

About Community Land Trusts

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are local voluntary organisations that use the ownership or creation of assets as a way of addressing the needs of their local community. Usually, this means developing affordable housing, to meet the needs of local people. Sometimes, it might also include workspaces, pubs, shops, farms – or other assets besides.

It works like this: Land is acquired by community groups (usually below its market rate) through public investment, planning gain or philanthropic or charitable gifts and is held in perpetuity by the local community. The value of the land, plus subsidies and other equity benefits, is permanently locked in to the CLT, on behalf of the local community and future occupiers.

Local residents and businesses form CLTs in order to plan and deliver long-term affordable and sustainable development, which will benefit the local area and its inhabitants for generations to come. The income generated from the development of the land provides a long-term source of funds to be reinvested in the community.

Community Land Trusts in England are represented by the National CLT Network. This organisation was established in 2010, to support and promote the growth of vibrant and resilient communities through Community Land Trusts. For more information about the advice, support and resources available for Community Land Trusts, visit their website.

There are now over 170 CLTs in formation or established across the country. To find out about other CLTs, visit the National CLT Network website or take a look at the CLTs we’ve funded.