Community Land Trust Fund

Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing

Basic criteria

The CLT Fund has 3 essential criteria which must be met by applicants to all stages of the Fund. Additional eligibility criteria apply to the separate funding streams. For more information about these additional criteria, take a look at our Available funding.

All applicants to the CLT Fund must demonstrate the following:

  • Applicants must be based in England or Wales
  • Applicants must be incorporated (or be working towards incorporation) in a form which meets the statutory definition of a CLT. This can take the form of various legal entities such as a Company Limited by Guarantee, a Community Interest Company or an Industrial and Provident Society but it must have an asset lock; see the statutory definition below.
  • Applicants must be working towards a scheme which is at least 50% housing. We can only support schemes which will include permanently affordable housing although we will occasionally consider schemes which are delivering other assets in addition. If your scheme will deliver a mix of assets (for example, homes and commercial units) we will want to see that the majority of your focus is on the housing element of your scheme.

The statutory definition of a Community Land Trust is found within the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008, Part 2, Chapter 1, Clause 79:

[A Community Land Trust is a corporate body which:

1) is established for the express purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental interests of a local community by acquiring and managing land and other assets in order:

  • to provide a benefit to the local community
  • to ensure that the assets are not sold or developed except in a manner which the trust’s members think benefits the local community

2) is established under arrangements which are expressly designed to ensure that:

  • any profits from its activities will be used to benefit the local community (otherwise than by being paid directly to members)
  • individuals who live or work in the specified area have the opportunity to become members of the trust (whether or not others can also become members)
  • the members of a trust control it.]

If you are unsure whether your organisation falls within this statutory definition, the National CLT Network would be happy to discuss this with you.