Community Land Trust Fund

Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing

CLTs we’ve funded

We aim to support a wide variety of schemes across the country, in different regions, different housing market contexts and with different types of community. We are most interested in seeing that your idea is adapted and appropriate to your local needs. We love to see the innovation that communities propose, and so if your scheme includes innovative environmental features, specially-adapted community ownership arrangements or design features, let us know.

We have funded CLTs which deliver a wide variety of other assets in addition to housing; for example, previous applicants have also delivered a community pub, a bakery and farmland. However, we can only support schemes which will include permanently affordable housing. If your scheme will deliver a mix of assets, we will want to see that the majority of your focus is on the housing element of your scheme and may restrict our funding to supporting the housing element of your scheme only. For more information see our Basic eligibility criteria.

We will soon be posting two case studies:

  • Bournemouth 2026 Trust, supported by the CLT Technical Assistance Fund (predecessor of the CLT Start Up Fund)
  • Beer CLT, supported by the CLT Feasibility and Technical Assistance Fund (predecessor of the CLT Start Up Fund).