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Getting to planning

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Once you have got your CLT incorporated and up and running the next big milestone is getting through to planning. We provide a loan to get you there designed around the needs of CLTs.

Funding from the CLT Fund

The CLT Fund offers pre-planning loan finance to support schemes looking to secure planning permission for a scheme. The loan provided can pay for a host of different things such as professional fees, legal and planning fees and survey costs. The CLT Fund offers loans that typically range from £25k-60k (the final amount offered is dependent on the risk of the scheme and the number of affordable homes being constructed).

The pre-planning loan has a 10% annual interest charge on money that is drawn down. The loan and interest is only if planning permission is received and should a scheme not go ahead the loan and interest is written off.

The investment process

The process starts off with a call in order to help us find out the following:

  • Does the organisation meet the definition of a community land trust? We look for a number of criteria points that include:
    • Registered as an incorporated body with an asset lock in place
    • A clear objective to build affordable homes
    • An open membership system that enables local people to be part of the organisation
  • What is the total financing need for the entire scheme and how big is the financing gap?
  • Details around the scheme and the number of homes being built as well as the need for housing in the local area.
  • How would the organisation look to repay any money that it borrows?

Following the initial call we ask the organisation to send across information relating to the proposed scheme, the finances required and details about the structure of the organisation. There is no application form to fill. We go through the information that you have provided and visit you to meet with key individuals from the organisation with the view of presenting an application to our investment committee. As a result of our expertise in the sector and the unique funding that we provide the CLT Fund is able to put together funding packages that meet the need of local community groups.

For more information on how the CLT Fund works download our handy 2-pager overview document.

How to apply to the CLT Social Investment Fund

The CLT Social Investment Fund is administered by CAF Venturesome and will provide repayable finance to Community Land Trusts and community housing schemes looking to build affordable homes in areas of England and Wales that have an acute shortage of affordable housing.

The CLT Social Investment Fund is currently open for applications and we welcome expressions of interest from organisations looking to secure financing to support the development of projects across England and Wales. In order to submit an expression of interest please fill in the form on the CAF Venturesome website or send an email to and include your name and contact details, the name of your organization and a brief description of your scheme.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Incorporated body with an asset lock in place
  • Clear objective for the construction of affordable homes
  • Open membership system
  • Based in England or Wales

How to express interest?

Write to and include:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The name of your CLT
  • A brief description of your CLT and the progress to date

Other sources of national funding

Community Led Project Support Fund

This £17 million public fund exists to help new community entities, building homes and other assets, develop their proposals to a point where they can obtain planning permission or submit a Community Right to Build order. It will cover a variety of technical costs including community engagement, site surveys and business planning support. The fund is open until March 2015 for communities in England.

This Fund is administered by the Homes and Communities Agency for England, and the Greater London Authority for Greater London.

The National CLT Network website has an overview of the funding conditions, and top tips for accessing the grants.

Urban CLT Project

The Urban CLT Project is a special programme run by the National CLT Network to support the development of CLTs in urban areas, and includes some funding to support the development of 20 pilot schemes. For more information and to apply, visit the National CLT Network website.

Other sources of regional  funding

CLT East

CLT East offer pre-development finance for CLTs in Eastern England.

Local authorities

Always speak to your local authority to see if they have any funding available.