Community Land Trust Fund

Delivering Affordable Sustainable Housing
How to use the workbook:

Development Cash Flow


The following fields should be completed on the development cashflow:

  • Off the Shelf: this is applicable where completed homes are being bought directly from a developer.
  • In all other cases the new build development costs should be split across the cost catagories shown above in blue. The model will split these costs across the development period. However, where better cash flow forecasts are available these should be entered in the development cash flow.
  • Please note that, until you enter rent levels and sales prices in subsequent sheets, error messages may appear in “Receipts” cells.
  • As a guide, new build costs are currently around £1,300/m2 for houses and £1,500/m2 for flats or apartments. However, local site considerations need to be taken into account – a small development in a remote location requiring local materials, with poor ground conditions or difficult drainage can almost double those figures. The area of the country should also be considered as there are large variations between build costs in the North and South.  Advice should be sought from a suitably qualified professional who will be able to take these considerations into account when giving guidance on new build costs in the particular location, or for repairs/conversion of existing property.